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Automotive CRM is utilized, but mostly under-utilized, by auto mechanics and automotive shop owners. Here are some amazing ideas on how to jump start your Automotve CRM System to create the successful business you ultimately want:

• Every new customer that does business with you send out a thank-you card, (with or without a picture of you or your business) for a friend to get ½ off a product and/or service or a free oil change

• Offer the customer to come back for a free oil change

• Offer free parts in exchange for the labor or vise versa

• With your Automotive CRM system, set it up to send a reminder every 2-6 months letting them know about maintenance that is to be performed on their car. Find out all of the service dates and schedule out what they are scheduled for and send them coupons for that service

• To get referrals from customers, use your automotive crm system to send them referral cards with money off a service for them and friend. Have them bring the card with them when they come in exchange for a plastic loyalty/ gift card

• Send a referral a VIP offer to pick up and drop off their car for servicing

• Offer the referral a food certificate

• Send clients surveys for percentage of dollar amounts off services if they would fill out and bring the information back within a given time

• You have to decide what you are willing to offer for wherever you are and whatever time of year that you are promoting in- if your business is located in a hot climate offer free ac check up or if it is cold offer free heat inspection

• If you live in an inspection state, offer free inspections

• Whatever would appeal to your local consumers, offer it to win their business

• If you business is just starting out, use a free resource like to a create an ad and start from there. Make sure that every customer that contacts you (if you can) get their name and address sot that you can add them into your system

• Host an open house equiped with food and drinks and invite your customers, customer's friends and family, or potential clients to tour your shop and have a Q&A session

• Offer gift cards with cash amounts that can be redeemed for future purposes. Create a multi-purpose gift/loyalty card to redeem offers and track spending (Contact us for details)

• If someone calls, even if you don’t get their business, thank them for calling and try and get their information. If you are able to get their information, send them out a post card that “thanks them for calling and if they ever need service in the future to keep us in mind.” Add them to your regular mailing list or create a totally separate list for clients that have contacted you but not actually done business, in hopes to win their business in the future

• Offer people who can’t afford to pay for their car to get fixed, a way of selling it for the fixing price plus a small broker’s fee

• Host an open house, every time you get a new piece of equipment to display the latest technology/tools used to get their car serviced faster/cheaper/better. This allows you to collect personal information from your guest so that you can add them to you contact list.

Ideas for your VIP Services:

    • Give you returning customers, referring customers, and/or customers that have spent over a certain amount of money with you, VIP treatment. Have someone pick up their car and drop it off when it needs servicing

    • Offer exclusive service times to come in so they don’t have to wait

    • If you know that they are coming in to wait, provide them with a gift certificate for free lunch while they wait to a local food restaurant

    • Get local discounts from area places and offer them free or discounted services from you in exchange for VIP services to offer to your clients

The goal here is not to just offer for the sake of discounting. Your goal is entice people to come in so that you can add them to your Automotive CRM system.

As a result you are able to build a relationship with them so that they become your lifelong customer. Customer loyalty is your ultimate goal.

Realize that you are a vital part of their lives- people depend on you to do what you do well. They have trusted you with their automobiles and essentially their lives- so it is not too much to act in a manner in which they hold you in.

By doing just a fraction of the ideas I have shared with you here sets you apart from the hundreds of mechanics trying to win the business of your customers.

If you are interested in using some of the ideas found here or anywhere on this site, or are interested in obtaining an Automotive CRM System, and you need help getting started or have questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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