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A Customer Relationship Should Be Your Goal

If you fail to plan a customer relationship, plan on failing in your business.

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Customer Relationship Management System

A customer relationship management system should woo your customer...

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Social CRM, How To Make More From Advertising

Social crm utilizes your advertising dollars better by...

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CRM Services

If you understand and utilize crm services such as social couponing...

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The Best CRM Marketing Tool On The Market

Before using your best CRM tools, here is a list of questions to access whether you are effectively reaching your target market...

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CRM Systems Can Not Replace Customer Service

No matter how great crm systems are, they are not to replace great customer service.

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Restaurant CRM

Restaurant crm program, if you are not using one, how are you reaching your customers?

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What is CRM?

More importantly than what is CRM, is what it does for businesses. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and you may be missing out on all the opportunities it could create for your business

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Marketing Automation Software aka Connection CRM

Marketing automation software has a new name and it's called...

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What Is CRM Software

What is CRM software? The question is answered here...

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CRM, How to Profit More Utilizing Customer Relationship Management

Is CRM apart of your business system?

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Customer Relationship Management Is What C-CRM.com Is About

What customer relationship management does for successful businesses is what I want it to do for you.

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CRM Software Online, Tool To Create Repeat Customers

A crm software online system can take a struggling business and turn it into a gold mine...

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Contact Us

If you have a question, testimony, comment, or suggestion, contact us here.

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Social Networking and CRM

One company's journey to success through social networking and customer relationship management...

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CRM Marketing Using Gift Cards

Gift cards are the "Magic" ingredient in your CRM Marketing brew...

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Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing outperforms all other forms of advertisement 15 to 1...

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Loyalty Marketing Creates More Than Money

A loyalty marketing program is not just points or plastic cards. It's about "top of the mind awareness".

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Customer Loyalty, Do You Have It?

Customer loyalty, do you have it? If you don't, then what kind of business do you really have?

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CRM Definition

A CRM definition can give meaning to what CRM can do for your business.

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Automotive CRM Ideas

Automotive CRM ideas can create immunity to competition.

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CRM Software

Looking for a way to dramatically increase your sales? CRM Software does just that, if you use it the way we show you...

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Privacy Policy

C-CRM.com Privacy Policy

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Are You Ashamed of Smells In Your Home?

This subject line is great because it makes you want to know what the writer is talking about

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A great subject line leaves the....

A great subject line that I have found that gets read is one that doesn't conclude until the reader opens the email. Curiousity killed the cat, well I

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Thank you referral card.

This card is sent to a customer or client that has referred another customer to you. You would send this card along with a gift, giftcard, or check. Sending

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Refferals from past clients/ customers...

Here is a direct mail piece that I found that was soooo funny and amusing that I just had to share with everyone. I think that anyone recieving this would

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Customer Relations Eliminates the Need for Mass Advertising

Through customer relations, loyal customers eliminate the need for mass advertising.

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The fish that can survive for months in a tree.....

This is a subject line that I found that was extremely interesting and I couldn't help but open it. I found it unique and ironic

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Possibly, one of the most simple, yet effective subject lines....

This is possibly one of the most simplest and most effective email that I have received. It was with just Re: in the subject line. No matter who the mail

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Restaurant CRM Direct Marketing Mail Idea...

This is a direct mail piece that one of our members sent out to their customers that signed up for their mailing list. This campaign had tremendous success

Continue reading "Restaurant CRM Direct Marketing Mail Idea..."

A CRM System Will Get Your Business Off The Ground

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your business or give it new life, then a CRM System is what you need...

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A Goldmine CRM Tool That Ensures Success

Social Networking is a Goldmine CRM tool that stricks gold in the heart of your customers...

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Gift Cards Are Sales Tools

Gift Cards are sales tools that provide pre-paid cash flow...

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Hosted CRM

Hosted CRM has all of the features but none of the price.

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Enterprise Software CRM

Enterprise Software -ERP CRM Software may be the choice of your business

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Exceptional Customer Management

Gift cards are an exceptional form of customer management...

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CRM Solutions Build Brand Recognition & Loyalty

CRM solutions help you dominate your market...

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Relationship Management For Your Coffee Shop

Relationship Management using mobile marketing for your coffee shop. Ideas that create herds of customers.

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My mechanic is wonderful!

I love, love, love my mechanic!!!! My engine went out in my car a few months back and I had my car towed to my mechanic's shop. Not only did my mechanic

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An automotive shop could offer "How To" classes...

Offer classes on “how to” change oil, tires, breaks, or something simple for someone to do. You can make it gender specific if you want. When the clients

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The Real Cost To Acquire New Customers

Your cost to acquire a single customer may cost you more money than you make.

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Marketing CRM Terminology

Glossary of terms for marketing crm gift cards...

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* Martha Wolf
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