A CRM Software Online System Brands and Delivers Repeat Customers

CRM software online can take a struggling business and turn it into a gold mine, an average business into a powerhouse, and an extremely profitable business over the top.

This very same system will take the next generation of “small businesses” and inject them with marketing tools and skills so effective, Mom and pop shops will be able put a dent into local big box retailing profits.

The question I have for you is:

Will your business be next?

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times…”The money is not in the customer, the money is in the relationship you build with those that are your customers.”

And that is why 90% of businesses continue to lose money and close their doors, while big box retailers continue to make record profits even in a slump economy.

It is their ability to brand themselves, not only into the lives, but into the minds of their customers.

The simple truth is, is that what they are doing isn’t magic. The only thing that separates us from $multi-billion corporations is that they have an unlimited budget to get you to pay attention to them.

Smaller businesses can create that same affect on a local scale with a little ingenuity and a great set of business tools.

What they do on a larger scale to get people to pay attention you can do locally with the use of an online system.

This means that you are just a tool set away from having the profitable business of your dreams, and that tool is customer relationship management. Why can I say that with un-relenting confidence?

Because NOTHING great happens in business until you build a relationship with your customers.

And that leads me to why businesses contact us and why this website exists. A customer relationship management system is the tool that can take your business from obscurity to a local powerhouse and dominate your competition with just a few clicks of a mouse.

As a matter of fact, almost all the big players use a loyalty/rewards system. The large restaurant chains, airline, hotels, etc. all use loyalty programs for one reason and one reason only- To build a relationship with the list of customers for targeted outbound marketing to generate extra profits and increased spending.

Because a Great system will...

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"Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful site with me. ... This system has helped me stay in contact with my clients which results in more sales!! I opened a new business account and did two home equity lines of credit! This system is already paying for itself, and I look like a HERO! THANKS A MILLION!"
- Christina L.
Personal Banking Officer

“I would recommend this program to absolutely anyone because it has definitely created loyalty! There is so much competition in larger cities and when we opened our second location in Burlington, IA we needed to do something to set our bakery apart. I can think off the top of my head at least 15 customers who eat here 4 days a week just because of the card, where as before they would come only once a week. It has really worked well for us and has created a word-of-mouth to where we don’t even have to “sell” it anymore. It has been a win-win for both our business and our customers.”
* Martha Wolf
The Ivy Bake Shoppe & Café