Eliminate Mass Advertising By Creating Customer Relations

Through customer relations, loyal customers eliminate the need for mass advertising. Mass advertising is enormously wasteful with a 2% response rate. That means that for 100% of your hard earned money, 98% of it is wasted.

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Advertising never creates additional “demand” for any product. Advertising’s purpose is to channel existing demand. To accomplish the task of creating additional demand requires reach and frequency.

For too long, business owners have been forced into expensive and wasteful spending in the never ending battle to drive sales. Mass-marketing does not create customer relations and, with its dismal 2% response rates, you have wasted 98% of your advertising money the minute you write the check.

That’s because you’re paying to reach 98 people who will NOT buy from you in order to reach the two that will.

There are several ways in which wasteful advertising can be avoided:

1. Proper Signage

2. Loyalty Marketing Programs

3. Referral system

4. Direct Marketing / Follow Up System

You must reach those that are most likely to buy from you with enough frequency to instill habit.

Then, you must maintain that frequency (a rewards program does this automatically) - to prevent competitors from influencing YOUR customers.

Even if you feel that you have “regular” customers and you are “sure” they do business with you on a repeated basis, you need to remember that they are also constantly being influenced by your competitor’s offers.

Lets say you normally buy pizza for store “A” but you see a buy one get on free offer from store “B”. Aren’t you tempted to try store “B” because of the value?

But if your regular store stays in touch with you through a customer loyalty program and just doesn't leave it to chance whose offer you choose, wouldn't you go to your regular pizza place, because you know what you are getting there and there is no risk now of getting a pizza you don't like?

Does that make sense?

Once you begin a dialog with those most likely to buy from you (your current customers) with enough frequency to establish a habit of doing business with you.

As they respond to your offers and programs they will become “vested” into your program and as a result become LESS LIKELY to be influenced by your competitor’s attempts to lure them away from you.

As a result of you having built customer relations, your Customer Loyalty Program becomes the “TIE BREAKER” when they are making their decision of where to shop and dine.

If all of this has made sense to you and you would like to get your Customer Loyalty Program started, immediately contact us and we will be glad to help you get your business on the road to...

Building Better Relationships with your customers!

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