Your Customer Relationship Management System Should "Woo" Your Customers

Your customer relationship management system follows the same principles as any other relationship.

In fact, you can think of your customer relationship along the same lines as a romantic relationship.

Now think about a romantic relationship for a second. No one would take someone that they really like out on a first date and then at the end of the night say, “Oh, I might call you.”

No. That person continues to “market” themselves to that person. They try to show them that they had a great time, they enjoyed the date, and that they appreciate their time together. Also, you would make sure that when the date was finished that you had a way to stay in contact with that person.

Wouldn’t you?

You wouldn’t just bring them up to their door and just drop them off and sit there and wonder, “Wow, gee, I sure hope that they get back in touch with me because I sure would like to go out with them again.”

No. You make sure you have a way to stay in contact with them. Of course you would never assume that because they went out with you one time that they’ll never, ever consider going out with another person ever again.

As crazy as that sounds, don’t we kind of treat our customers that exact same way? Once you get them in your store all you really say to them is, “Thank you, come again.” And you just assume that they are going to come back to your store when your competition is after them each and every day.

What kind of customer relationship management system is that? Is that how you treat someone that you care about? You do care if they come back, right?

You should “woo” a customer just as you would someone you wanted to get to know better, or build a relationship with. You want to get to know your customers because your customers are the foundation of your business.

We understand that you have a great business, great location, and a wonderful product. Kudos to you. But, doesn't your competition have the same thing?! And if no one comes to buy from you, then what kind of business do you really have?

So, if you care about having a business then you need to start caring about your customers. Because your customers don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care.

It would behoove you to show them that they are appreciated and their business is wanted by you as a business owner.

In fact, the Small Business Administration did a small survey and they found that (continue)...

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* Martha Wolf
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