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Customer Relationship Management is an afterthought for most businesses so, thank you for visiting

We want this website to provide readers with the secrets, insights, and ideas of how to use customer relationship management to have a thriving business, in any economy.

Not bringing in the amount of business you want?

If you spend more money, you get more clients, right?

You put all of your hard earned money into an advertising campaign in hopes of raking in more customers, to make more money. But when it is all said and done, the only people that have made more money is the advertising agency.


It sounds like you have some of the very same challenges that a lot of the business owners that we've been able to help came to us with. The businesses that we have helped never thought to use customer relationship management as a way assist their business.

As consultants, we have worked with a lot of businesses that tell us that they're frustrated with how much money they spend on advertising that does not actually bring in new business.

They say that it’s frustrating and for some it's frightening.

It’s frustrating because people have told us that they don’t know where else to put the money if more advertising is not the answer.

It’s frightening because, for people who own a small business, they don’t always have the money to risk.

Yes, building a business does take money, but a lot of businesses don’t know exactly where to put that money to get the results that yield more profits. So the only thing they know to do is throw more money into advertising.

What we want this site to do is to help your business, just as we have been able to help others, and bring in a fresh prospective on where the money should be directed and give you some creative ways in which to do it.

This new prospective is what we here at like to call “Connection- CRM”. Connection CRM (customer relationship management) takes the “ego” out of building a business and focuses more on building a connection with your customers through the use of customer relationship management.

Connection CRM does not take the place of great service and a quality product however, it does provide a foundation on which to build on with your customer in order to be able to deliver those valued commodities.

About Me And My Team

My name is Jacqueline West and I am a wife and mother of 5 wonderful children and the creator and founder of

I am a former licensed real estate agent and I have been involved with several MLM and direct marketing companies.

In real estate my team made millions for investors by utilizing unconventional and high yielding techniques.

In MLM I was able to achieve top positions and have been in partnership with some of the biggest names in MLM.

I have traveled all around the country training and building teams and I have been fortunate to meet some of the great business people of this generation.

At the pinnacle of my career it all came crashing to a hault due to the crash of the real estate market. I had to file for bankruptcy and start all over.

My family and I moved out of our home state of Maryland and found ourselves in Las Vegas with a new chance at success. We had to start all over from scratch, but we figured if we did it once we can do it again.

That’s great but what does that mean to you?

I said all of that not to impress you, but to impress upon you that my team and I are very in tune with what businesses are going through.

Our experience and expertise has given us the opportunity to work with a lot of business owners and help them achieve their financial goals. And we are hoping that we can help more businesses through this website too.

During the process of starting over I was able to be trained by some of the most successful website creation and design coaches in the industry.

That training and the long journey that I had to endure while learning all that I know, is the reason I have chosen the team that I have and why we have created this website.

I have partnered up with some of the best business consultants and business owners in the country and we know what gets results.

We love helping people achieve personal and financial success and this website is a catalyst for us to take our expertise and knowledge, and be able to unlock the secrets of a successful CRM system to help other businesses become more profitable through the use of a customer relationship management program.

During our many years of collaborative sales careers, together we have utilized many sales “techniques” and schemes on the best way to create and maintain a customer.

Having been trained by the best of the best in sales and marketing on many of those techniques, we have honed in on one very distinctive variable that is at the core of all business.

That variable is creating relationships.

No matter what type of business you are in, you must create a relationship with those clients that you come in contact with or you will be at the mercy of unprofitable discounting, fluctuating income, and wasteful marketing.

Create an appreciated, happy, and cared for customer, and they will remain a customer for life. And as long as you have customers, you have a thriving and profitable business.

We want your business to have a customer relationship management program by which you can connect with you customers.

And we want your program to maintain an advantage over your competitors and become the “TIE BREAKER” when your customers are making their decision of where to shop and dine.

All of which become possible by knowing how to use and apply the ideas and secrets uncovered on this site.

Uncovering all the secrets that we know takes a lot of time and effort. So please be patient and understand that this website is a work in progress.

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No matter what you decide, we want your business to be the best that it can be. And it all starts with Customer Relationship Management and

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"Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful site with me. ... This system has helped me stay in contact with my clients which results in more sales!! I opened a new business account and did two home equity lines of credit! This system is already paying for itself, and I look like a HERO! THANKS A MILLION!"
- Christina L.
Personal Banking Officer

“I would recommend this program to absolutely anyone because it has definitely created loyalty! There is so much competition in larger cities and when we opened our second location in Burlington, IA we needed to do something to set our bakery apart. I can think off the top of my head at least 15 customers who eat here 4 days a week just because of the card, where as before they would come only once a week. It has really worked well for us and has created a word-of-mouth to where we don’t even have to “sell” it anymore. It has been a win-win for both our business and our customers.”
* Martha Wolf
The Ivy Bake Shoppe & Café