A Goldmine CRM Tool Can Be Found In Social Networking

Social Networking is a Goldmine CRM tool in terms of stricking "gold" in the hearts of your customers, being able to interact and build a lasting, loyal following for your business.

Social networking used to be only for those who liked gaming, or personal interaction. Facebook was all the rage in the social networking community, and with good reason. It permitted a wave of interaction that let families and friends interact even though they were miles, or states apart.

That same kind of thinking can help businesses in their customer relationship management. Consumers today are insisting on a far higher level of interaction with the customer service departments of the companies that they use. The companies, in return are being challenged in ways they never have before, to provide information to, and interaction with, their customers.

Social networking arenas such as blogs, sites, and communities are being used to manage the attitudes and expectations of the customer. Companies who care about their customers enough to interact with them on a personal level, to answer questions about the products and to provide safety information about them, are selling more products.

Goldmine CRM tools such as social networking changes the way people choose who they do business with. As I discussed earlier, people do business with those they know, like, and trust. Networking builds trust and confidence in your business because you show that you are confident about what you have to offer to them.

Consumers are demanding that companies be available. The computer age makes this a far more viable endeavor. Customers view those who do not interact, don't offer personal service, when the option is available to them, as companies who simply don't care.

What Types of Social Networking Are Being Used? Forums, wiki software, blogs, CRM software, and even other social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Digg, are all helping the company with vision to reach out and build a better business.

By adding a means of networking on your own site, or building one on another social networking site, companies can create areas which are product or service-centric and encourage better growth and a more personal relationship with their business.

Once you have a customers' trust, you have struck gold in the heart of your clients. Repeat customers spend more money and visit more often than new customers.

Isn't that why we build relationships with our customers in the first place, to get the "gold" that's in their wallets?

Let social networking become a goldmine crm tool in your arsenal of sales tools to build better relationships with your customers.

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