Marketing CRM Terminology

Here are some Marketing CRM terms you need to get acquainted with...

Uplift: When a customer spends more than the value that is on his/her card.

Breakage: When a customer fails to redeem the full value on the card (for whatever reason).

Fire in the Hole: The psychological forces at play that motivate a customer to spend any value on the card.

Revolving Door: Techniques (taught herein) that assure that a customer will NEVER leave a store without SOME value on their card. This ASSURES yet another visit by the customer and yet more “Uplift”.

COGS: cost of goods sold.

Cycling: The savvy merchant does not let a customer’s card value drop to zero.

Walking Billboard: A descriptive term used to illustrate a gift card’s advertisement & promotion value.

Agreement: An ephemeral “bonding” between a store and a customer carrying the store’s gift card.

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