Possibly, one of the most simple, yet effective subject lines....

This is possibly one of the most simplest and most effective email that I have received. It was with just "Re:" in the subject line.
No matter who the mail may be from, I still always seem to open any mail with the subject "Re:" anyway.
I know that it is dangerous to do due to viruses but, I just can't help but be curious.
I am curious because I think that maybe someone that I emailed prior is responding to me but forgot to write something there. Or that I may have emailed someone and forgot the subject line.
Either way, it peaks my curiosity so I open it. I am very sure that if I do it, then others do it too. Maybe just for different reasons.
With that being said, I know that the subject line "Re:" will get lots of opens if emailed to people with that as the subject line.

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