Restaurant CRM, What's Your Specials?

A Restaurant CRM program has an unlimited amount of uses, and sending text messages is one facet of an effective program.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Send daily specials, with pictures, for lunch, happy hour, early bird specials, dinner, new menu items, and more. A text sent at 10:30am will influence your Lunch and Dinner crowd.
  • Announce Live Music.
  • Send promotional offers like 2-for-1, free side dish, 20% off your bill. Unlike coupons, you can announce last minute specials each day.
  • Last minute specials for foods you have an abundance of. Less Food Spoilage! MORE PROFIT!
  • Send a picture of your featured dessert at 3pm (munchies hour).
  • Use an additional Keyword to send out schedules and announce available shifts to employees.
  • Fill a surprisingly empty restaurant (due to weather, etc) with a last minute special like “Buy 1 get 1 free”.
  • Send a Picture-Text of your lunch special with a coupon and phone number for additional to go orders.
  • Run a “bring a friend get 50% off” special when it’s slow. Have the friend sign up for the text alerts.
  • Pick up slow points with characteristic specials. “Get a free appetizer if you have _____” (brown eyes, tattoos, red shirt, etc.)
  • Give key/popular waiter/waitresses their own keyword to send out their schedule.
  • Announce contest and events. Send a message giving away gift cards to the first (xx amount of) people who stop by during lunch or dinner. The cards could be any amount from $5 up to $100, whatever you decide that will entice people to come in.
  • Offer a free dessert, drink, or appetizer for takeout orders.
  • Send out a message announcing family night where parents can get up to two free children meals with an adult purchase. I know my husband and I love the children specials, because we have 5 children, and getting free or discounted meals for them allows us to take them out to dinner more.

Unlike coupons, using text and or picture messages are instant. There is no set-up, printers, or postage. You are able to get out your message to your target customers IMMEDIATELY.

***If you are interested in using some of the ideas found here or anywhere on this site, or are interested in obtaining a Restaurant CRM System for your business and you need help getting started or have questions, please feel free to contact us.***

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