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How to Compel Customer Loyalty

If you are using a small business crm system in an offline business setting, you've quite likely spent a great deal of time making your prospects into customers. 

You've worked hard to win them over and to get the orders from them. In a place where it can be months between orders, the key now is to ensure that your customers come back for more.

Finding creative ways to make sure that your customers remain your customers is tricky at best.

The offline marketplace has now become global in nature. Particularly if your product is a digital one, a company that charges fifty cents less in Australia could be your customers' next stop. 

How do you, as a vendor, make sure that the customers you are serving today remain your customers tomorrow?

There are a few ways that you can work your customers, manage your relationships with them and keep your company fresh in their minds.

One of the biggest mistakes that we, as business people, make is to spend most of our time trying to attract new customers rather than to assure the loyalty and repeat business of existing ones.

In order to do that, maintaining communication with the customer, staying in their line of site is imperative.

How do you do that?

Communication is the most important tool that we as business owners have at our disposal. 

Make it a point to gather enough information using your small business crm system that you are able to send out  communications by way of mail, email, social media, or text message.

Having a good small business crm system will give you the ability to send communications which will allow you to entice your customers to come back into your business for repeat purchases.

This can be done by employing rewards incentives that cater to their purchases.

Rewards that:

  • earn points per dollar spent
  • receive coupons for new products
  • send out txt messages for daily specials for being a loyal customer
  • money off for purchases made over a certain amount
  • and more

The goal is to be creative.

What would you want as an incentive as a customer?

Some businesses may view discounting as an endless circle of reducing profits. 

We, as customers, see it as a means to save money for something that we were going to do anyway. 

It's not about discounting, it’s about giving your customer the impression that you care for their business by sending out personalized incentives.

These incentives are a show of appreciation for doing business with them.

It says, "As a means of our appreciation, we would like for you to come back. Here is a little something to say thank you."

It's all about the message that you want to send to your customers. And that message is that you care that they do business with you.

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