Social Networking, Breeding Grounds for Customer Relations

One company has had a remarkable journey at social networking that boosted their traffic and their interaction on levels that frankly, they would never have imagined.

Newsletters and other methods of developing a customer relationship did not seem to be achieving their goal. Their products were recipes, with multiple sites, each of which was a very focused website offering only recipes that fit into a very narrow category, such as cupcakes, or cookies.

The entire network was then being funneled on to one website, a recipe publishing site, that simply was not getting the amount of traffic that the owner felt it should, despite advertising and wide range marketing efforts.

So far as customer relationship management, social networking seemed to them to be the ideal method. As the website owner stated, "everyone loves to eat." It was his belief that using social networking on sites such as Facebook, and Twittering a single recipe a day, with links to the page upon which it appeared would bring more interest and more traffic.

The results exceeded their wildest expectations.

Using just a blog that offered users the means to comment on recipes and ask questions, along with a Twitter account that offered two or three entries a day, traffic grew in an amazing way.

Beginning traffic sat at about 3000 visits per day for twelve websites. Within a few weeks of using Twitter, Facebook and a blog site that offered customers to the site the means to interact with others and to leave comments or recipes of their own, traffic had grown to more than 35K visits per day, with customers offering their own recipes and input on nutrition and other facets of the sites.

In one simple sweeping movement, opening Facebook, Twitter, and Digg pages...

This small recipe company went from a group of sites averaging about 1 dollar a day in revenue, to one which then began to grow remarkably, and today generates about 500 dollars a day in ad revenue from each of their websites.

Can The Same Actions Work for Larger Companies? The same methods of customer relationship management that worked for this very small company can-and will-work for your company.

The larger the company in the marketplace today, the greater the expectations of the customer. If we do not meet those expectations, show that we care about the customers and their use of our products, they will move to a company who does.

Customer relationship management today means more than simply sending out a birthday card that is auto generated from our CRM software. It means commitment to the customer and encouraging their interaction with the company in question.

One sure way to show our consideration and our loyalty to our customers is to encourage an interaction between them and to open a dialogue of sorts between the company and the customer.

Your use of social networking, opening conversations between you and your customers can be one of the best methods of customer relationship management that you will ever achieve.

Let's look at some creative ways you can get your customers to engage in your social networking activities:

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