Text Message Marketing, Reach Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Text Message Marketing is the new wave in consumer advertising.

What if you could create a message or advertisement or coupon that can be broadcasted to you customer base anytime you want?

Imagine being able to contact all of your customers with the push of a button.

What would you say?

If it was a slow Tuesday evening in your restaurant, maybe you would send out a message offering ½ price dinners.

If your clothing store had a Christmas sale, you could offer 50% off an item, if they show you the message they received, for that day only.

Or how about, hosting a giveaway for the first 15 customers to come in your business will receive a gift card with $20 towards their purchase.

The possibilities are endless.

Before I get into more ideas of how you can use text message marketing to increase your customer loyalty and reduce wasteful advertising, I would like to give you some facts why not using this method would be a detriment to your business:

• Mobile Marketing is the ONLY form of marketing that can INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY reach your customers anytime and anywhere. It entices your customer to come in when you want them to in addition to when they want.

• 90% of consumers have a cell phone. That means that 90 out of 100 customers that walk into your door have an instant means of communication.

• Texting is the preferred method of communication for people ages 18-35. People would rather text than call, e-mail, or mail others. If you can reach your clients through their preferred method of contact, your message is highly regarded

• Text messages has a 97% READ RATE. 97 out of 100 of your customers will read your message within the first 3 minutes of receiving it. That means that you can send out messages that are relevant to that day or even that hour. As soon as you send it, you message is seen. Something paper coupons can’t do. That’s powerful.

• Text message marketing outperforms traditional marketing 15 to 1. It is the most effective way to involve your customers and maintain exposure for your business, better than email, radio, TV or print. It is like having an advertising billboard in your customer’s pocket.

With mobile marketing, you can reach 250+ million consumers in the U.S. alone. It’s proof your customers have gone mobile!

How about you?

Now, let’s get back to more ideas of how you can use text message marketing to increase your customer loyalty and prevent wasteful spending.

These ideas are broken up into industry categories but by no means are any of the ideas exclusively for that industry alone:

Coffee Shop/ Coffee House

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