What Can CRM Do For You?

Is CRM, Customer Relationship Management, apart of your business system?

Are you disappointed with the amount of money that you spend on advertising that doesn’t yield any new business?

Do you struggle with getting your customers to purchase more or buy from you more often?

Having trouble boosting your sales on a slow day?

Does getting your customer to come back and buy from you repeatedly, seem like a daunting task?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you sound a lot like the businesses that visit this site.

But before we get to that, let me introduce myself...


....I am Jacqueline West, creator of CRMSecrets.com.

As a team, having been trained by the best of the best in sales and marketing, we are very aware of one constant variable that is the core of all that we know and all that we will reveal here on this site. And that variable is...

...Creating and maintaining customer relationships.

We love helping people achieve personal and financial success.

This website is a catalyst for us to take our expertise and knowledge, and be able to unlock the secrets of a successful CRM system to help other businesses become more profitable through the use of a customer relationship management program.

Business owners have told us that they are extremely frustrated with…

  • The amount of money they waste on advertising that doesn't bring any new business into the door.
  • They are concerned with their competition stealing their customers.                                         
  • They are completely mystified as to how to get referrals from their customers.                        
  • They want their customers to purchase more and visit more often.                     
  • They want a way to stay on their customer’s mind when they need the product and/or service that they offer.
  • They are looking for a proven way to build lasting relationships with their customers.
  • They want a way to manage the relationship with their customers, systematically…

          ….and the list goes on.

So, how does your business deal with these issues?

Do you throw more money into advertising and hope that it works? Or do you discount your products or services so severely that you barely are making any profit?

Whatever you have found yourself doing, if you haven’t tried CRM, then you have come to the right place.

Customer Relationship Management, is...

The Best Kept Secret of Business Success.

We've seen many companies turn around with the use of successful customer relations management.

Incredible stories of dramatic increases in sales, financial restoration of businesses, exponential increases in client referrals, better relationships with clients, and greater customer loyalty to their organizations.

All of this happened because of knowing how to apply, create, and manage relationships with their customers. The bottom line is, if you are not creating relationships with your customers, you are losing profits.

The first and #1 secret that we want to share with you is that...

 ...The money is NOT in the customers. The money is in the relationship you have with the people who are your customers.

We want this website to introduce you to CRM not only as a business tool but, as a strategy in which to build better relationships with your customers.

Customer Relationship Management makes building a business effortless. It takes marketing from an event, into a "duplicate-able" system and takes the mystery out of how to build a successful business.


Through this website we will reveal the secrets of how to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with customers engaging with you so that you get in their wallets and own a piece of that wallet share…
  • Become skilled at communicating with your customers to get them into your business spending more, even on your slow days, with the push of a button…
  • Minimize the loss of customers to your competition even if the competition has a better offer…
  • Have at your disposal, creative ideas to drive hoards of customers to your door buying what you have to offer…
  • Sure fire ways to get your customer to give you referrals to their friends and family…
  • Learn how to advertise so effectively and efficiently that any advertising that you do, pays for itself…
…and so much more.

The creation of this website is to help businesses profit more through the use of Customer Relationship Managment. Take a look around the site to get some great ideas.  

Uncovering all the secrets that we know takes a lot of time and effort. So please be patient and understand that this website is a work in progress.

In the mean time and in-between time,  please subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest in updates as they happen.

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Every week we will be answering questions and revealing more and more CRM Secrets that may help you and your journey to Building a Better Relationship with your customers.

Our goal is for you to find this site a valuable resource in your business success and We are wishing you all the best.

Welcome to CRMSecrets.com,


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"Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful site with me. ... This system has helped me stay in contact with my clients which results in more sales!! I opened a new business account and did two home equity lines of credit! This system is already paying for itself, and I look like a HERO! THANKS A MILLION!"
- Christina L.
Personal Banking Officer

“I would recommend this program to absolutely anyone because it has definitely created loyalty! There is so much competition in larger cities and when we opened our second location in Burlington, IA we needed to do something to set our bakery apart. I can think off the top of my head at least 15 customers who eat here 4 days a week just because of the card, where as before they would come only once a week. It has really worked well for us and has created a word-of-mouth to where we don’t even have to “sell” it anymore. It has been a win-win for both our business and our customers.”
* Martha Wolf
The Ivy Bake Shoppe & Café